Our team

Over the years, Atlantic Acura has established an excellent reputation, particularly in the sale of reliable high-quality luxury vehicles at great prices. Atlantic Acura also offers several benefits, such as financing plans, promotions and extra warranties, in addition to the manufacturer's original warranty.

Atlantic Acura puts a young and dynamic team at your disposal to accompany you throughout the process of choosing and purchasing your next Acura vehicle. Don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email!

Bruce Hill Bruce Hill, Atlantic Acura's president President
Brian Hill Brian Hill, Atlantic Acura's vice president Vice President
Jamie Campbell Jamie Campbell, new car manager New Car Sales Manager
Zach Walker Zach Walker, Used Car Sales Manager Used Car Sales Manager
Troy Bennett Troy Bennett, fixed operations manager Fixed Operations Manager
Bryan Stefura Bryan Stefura, parts manager Parts Manager
Robyn Burgess Robyn Burgess, administrative assistant Administrative Assistant
Phil Preeper Phil Preeper, senior sales representative Senior Sales Representative
Bruce Clarke Bruce Clark, sales representative Sales Representative
Edward Daniel Edward Daniel, sales representative Sales Representative
Craig Pennell Craig Pennell, sales representative Sales Representative
Carol Gijon Carol Gijon, sales representative Sales Representative
Andrew Riddle Carol Gijon, sales representative Sales Representative
Lydia Underhill Lydia Underhill, Customer Relations Specialist Customer Relations Specialist
Jacqueline Scantland-Griffiths Jacqueline Scantland-Griffiths, Appointment Coordinator Appointment Coordinator
Lindsay Giffin Lindsay Giffin, Weekend Receptionist Weekend Receptionist
Tim Goldsmith Tim Goldsmith, Client Center Coordinator Client Center Coordinator
Tyler Little Tyler Little, Client Center Coordinator Client Center Coordinator
Kevin Wells Kevin Wells, parts consultant Parts Consultant
Shawn Robar Shawn , service advisor Service Advisor
Amanda Davis Amanda Davis, Service administration Service Advisor
Stephen Campbell Stephen Campbell, Technician Technician
Aaron Higgins Aaron Higgins, Technician Technician
Rick McMahon Rick McMahon, Technician Technician
Ian Fulong Ian Fulong, Technician Technician
Jylenne Comeau Jylenne Comeau,  Technician Technician
Collin McKinnon apprentice technician Apprentice Technician
Brian Frausell apprentice technician Shuttle Driver
Brandon Berringer Brandon Berringer, Detail manager Detail Manager
Chad Leary Chad Leary, Detailer Detailer